Pamela’s Little Promises

A Child’s Place To Grow

Sample Daily Schedule July 6, 2007

Little Promises Daily Schedule

IroningManipulativesArt time!IMG_20140106_110231january-29-2008.jpg

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7:30  Arrival of children/sign-in by parents/Hand washing

8:15 Free Choice/Art time

845 Walk school age children to Clinton Elementary

9:15 Music and Movement/Free Choice

10:00 Hand washing/Morning Snack

10:30 Circle Time/Biblical Curriculum Lesson time

11:00 Outside Playtime/Go for walks

11:50 Transition (prepare for lunch)

12:15 Hand washing/Lunch time

12:40 Cleanup/teeth brushing/Hand washing

12:45 Story time/ Rest time

3:00 Afternoon Activities/Art project

3:30 Hand washing/Afternoon Snack

4:00 Outside playtime/Organized skill games

4:45 Closing Circle

5:00 Prepare for parent pickup/Hand washing

5:30 Closed


One Response to “Sample Daily Schedule”

  1. Jessika Says:

    I love your webpage!!!! It will be a dream come true to visit you and more if I can have my own preschool… Blessings to you, the children and your staff!!!! 🙂 with much love!!!


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