Pamela’s Little Promises

A Child’s Place To Grow

Little Promises Network June 11, 2007

The establishing of Pamela’s Little Promises childcare home marks the first location of what I hope will be a network of childcare homes. My home and center is the first model, and will be covered under the umbrella of the NETWORK to provide resource materials and future training. The long term goal and vision of ‘LITTLE PROMISES NETWORK‘ is to multiply Biblical based preschools/daycare’s across Canada in cities and towns. Then throughout North America and to the uttermost. I believe this is strategic in bringing God’s love to communities and be able to give an opportunity for parents to stay home to nurture and educate their own children, as well as affect their neighbourhoods in a positive way.
As I go through the details of the licensing process now, it will be easier for the next ‘LITTLE PROMISE’ to follow suit. For others who wish to to start their own childcare home with the same core values and teaching methods, immediate opportunities for observation and training are available as I am working it out locally here in Vancouver. Feel free to check out LITTLE PROMISES NETWORK blog and

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call with any inquiries at +1 604 434 7352.


One Response to “Little Promises Network”

  1. Liz Skene Says:

    Congratulations Pam!
    Everything looks so fabulous, including the web site! Your faithfulness and hard work have brought everything full circle eh! Good work Pam.
    Your love and commitment to God’s call on your life is so evident in the many ways you serve not only the children at your daycare, but so many others. We love you.
    Liz and Dave skene

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