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Facilities July 6, 2007

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The ground level of my home has been outfitted as a preschool-style learning environment. We have a HUGE back yard, that we have room for an outdoor classroom in a Large tent as well as inside having a classroom/playroom/eating area and a nap room, making the following amenities available for your child:

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· Play centre- toys for both girls and boys to be imaginative.

· Reading centre – books for free choice.

· Art centre – all paper and supplies needed to be creative with. Theme/Special projects also planned.

· Playground equipment – balls, skipping rope, outdoor trucks, tools for gardening, buckets etc.

· Child size chairs and tables and shelves for children to have easy access to.

· Learning centre – manipulative projects for developing their

cognitive skills.


5 Responses to “Facilities”

  1. Sonia Hartwell Says:


    I would like to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication with Pamela’s Little Promises, you are such an amazing person and you truly love to do what you do.

    My son Austin has been attending Little Promises since October 2007 and he loves being there with you and looks forward to it every week, he doesn’t want to leave when I come to pick him up. LOL That tells me that he is happy and in a safe enviroment.

    Thank you so very much for all of your time and hard work, I have noticed some very positive changes in Austin since he has been attending Little Promises and we look forward to continuing his learning and care with you.

    Sonia+Lee+Austin Hartwell

  2. C&Y Says:

    Dear parents,

    Looking for a good daycare could be quite a challenge and I am sure we all want for our children an environment that is fun, supportive, and secure. Somehow we came across Little Promises, and our son has been with Mrs. Pam for quite sometime now. The learning and activities are well organized, but very relax and casual at the same time. Mrs. Pam is warm, attentive, and loving. Most importantly, she runs the daycare with her heart and she truly cares about our children.

    We feel very lucky to have found Pam’s Little Promises!


  3. Danielle Says:

    Thank-you for everything you do. My little Liam is blossoming in your care and we are all so glad we found you! It warms my heart to know he is in good hands and I am grateful for that. There have been many changes in the last few months and this transition has been easier then I anticipated because I know he is being well looked after. So once again thank-you Mrs. Pam, we also feel very lucky to have found you!

  4. Lisa Says:

    Dear Mrs Pam,

    I just want to say how happy we are that Lauren is attending Little Promises. She is obviously so well loved and taken care of. I know this because she squeels with delight when she sees your house. I appreciate all your hard work and love for the kids.

    Lisa, Quinn & Lauren

  5. letila Says:

    Pam luv it, luv it….

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