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A Child’s Place To Grow

Welcome To Pamela’s Little Promises June 11, 2007

Little Promises Is Open!Ist location

20160523_181152_hdr1.jpgCurrent location


Pamela’s Little Promises is a childcare home with a difference.

Not just a place for your children to ‘bide their time,’ Little Promises is a place where your child will learn and grow. I follow a Christ-centered, preschool style curriculum integrating Montessori manipulative ideas too.

I offer flexible hours, with full time and part time care. The centre is located in my home conveniently located near Clinton Elementary School and the Royal Oak Sky train Station or 147 Bus stop.

About Me: My name is Pamela H. Akyea,  I have been working in the field of Early Childhood Education(ECE) for 18 yrs. I received my degree at U of N in Kona, HI USA. I have set up preschools and/or trained teachers with our Biblical Curriculum in several countries. I love children and believe they can teach us so much about what is really important in life. They are the KEY to today and tomorrow.

I was raised in Ontario, Canada as a country girl down on the farm, drove the tractors as soon as I could reach the pedal. I have 2 great parents and one brother, Scott. I presently reside in Burnaby, BC where the mountains are incredible and the ocean is near. I love life and have seen the world as God has provided so amazingly.

When you trust me with your children you will see this centre is truly YOUR child’s place to grow.




27 Responses to “Welcome To Pamela’s Little Promises”

  1. Lomani Says:

    Hey girl! i am so very proud of you. I am blessed with what the Lord has blessed you with. Keep up the good work. God is so faithful to you. You totally deserve what He has given you. Blessings and keep in touch.
    Much love and prayers,

  2. Jenn Says:

    Pam- what a mission- your home is beautiful- your children are beautiful!!! God bless
    xo, jenn castano

  3. Vincent & Claudette Smith Says:

    Hi Pam,
    We just visited your website & viewed the photos. We’re really very proud of you & rejoice that you’ve been obedient to God’s call on your life! It takes one step of obedience to the Lord & He displays His grace & miracle power. Continue to listen to Him & he will expand your reach & ministry. We pray for you. Thanks for the updates!
    Love & blessings,

  4. Russ Says:

    Hey Pam,
    I love reading your newsletters. And moreso, love your heart for the nations right here at home. Keep on!

  5. me too! Ditto on Lomani! 🙂 You did it! Proud of you! It looks beautiful!!!

  6. Gayle Patterson Says:

    God is good. I am glad to hear about the house. As for your school, you are making a difference. May God continue to bless you.

    Love u

  7. Jennifer Day Says:

    Congrats to you Pam!!! Your ministry is flourishing into something truly beautiful….Keep up the excellent work and continue to keep God first and he will continue to bless you!!!

    I LOVE YOU!!!!

    God Bless,
    Jennifer Day

  8. Uini Smythe Says:

    The children and their families are very blessed to have such committed and faithful teacher to serve them.

    Keep up your hard work for the rewards and blessings are greater as you already know.

    Lots of love

  9. Kathy Says:

    Dear Pam,
    Your perseverance and faith have been an inspiration to me. We have worked together in many different places. I know the kids and their families will be blessed at the preschool. You have the gift of making lifelong friends.
    God bless you and Lawrence and the preschool. Hope I can visit you all some time!
    With much love…..

  10. Marg HInds Says:

    Oh Pam. You have persevered and I am thrilled to see the blessing of the Lord unveiled for Little Promises. This is only the beginning.

    Love you so
    Marg HInds

  11. Rita Mores Says:

    Yes, you are walking daily on God’s Promises. Because of your faithfulness and your love for the Lord. He will continue to pour down His blessings and provision…….keep up the good work !

    Love ya,

  12. Priscilla Says:

    How blessed the children are, that they get to grow with you!! These are the things that will last for eternity!!! You are a promise!!! What a beautiful home and school!! One can see the fingerprints of God all over it!!! Wow!!!
    May the Lord bless and keep, Pam & Lawrence, the Lord make His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace.
    Numbers 6:24-26

  13. Ongmo Says:

    Hey Pam, Hurrah for you! You did it. Pray that God bless you and the little promises continuously.

  14. Tracey Hall Says:

    To our Auntie Pam: Well, girl, what a miracle we have seen come to pass. Those long talks in Cathamet, and now we see the fruit and God’s “not so little” promises come to pass! Darren and I share your joy, and the kiddos can’t wait to meet Uncle Lawrence. Such a treat to see God’s provision and favor on your life. Let the little ones come and be blessed at the Father’s House. Your friend, Tracey

  15. Keunok Choi Says:

    Hi! Pam,
    I’m glad to see you and God’s preschool. How wonderful God is! I miss your smile! From your website, I can see many familiar names…WOW!!!! I miss them all. I pray that you have wonderful time with your family and children.



  16. Alexander and Eleni Melirrytos Says:

    It was a blessing to see you work in love with so many tender souls. Surely you have a call from His throne above. Keep up the good work.
    Our fondest thoughts and prayers for all yours – and all your children – are before our Lord day in and day out. Privileged to have visited you recently from Athens, Greece.
    Alexander and Eleni

  17. letila Says:

    Girl am so proud of you .. god is good … amasing to see what god is doing can imagine of what he is going to do…bless you girl…..

  18. Reply
    Hey my dear friend! I´m glad to hear about you on your website and get some news about our friends from SECE, Kona,HI. Only you could do that! I give thanks to God for all of you. Be sure that in Brazil you have a friend who love and pray for you. God is always faithfull!
    May God bless you,
    Vânia Fontoura

  19. Carol Thompson Says:

    Hi Pam,
    It’s Mom, I just wanted to add my joy and love to God for the precious gifts He has bestowed on you and the great favor He has given you. You have always put Him first in your life and the rewards you have received you have always gave God the glory.The hard work you have done and the energy and patience you give to your Little promise children are a constant example and witness of how to live an unselfish Christian life.
    I love you Pam and I am praying for you and Lawrence that God grants the desires of your heart. God is Blessing You, Love Mom.

  20. Leslie LeBlanc Says:

    To a dear friend whom I have loved and respected for many years. May the Lord continue to Bless you with His wisdom, patience and love as you minister to these little precious ones. You are so good with children, and these families are very fortunate to have you in their lives.
    From one preschool teacher to another.
    love yah

  21. Dianna Apineru Says:

    Great job Pamela!!!!!!

  22. Robert Roy Brown Says:

    Pam God Bless you & Hubby who supports your decision in this venture to encourage young lives . We pray always for your lives . TTYL Bob & Anne

  23. Kathy Murphy Says:

    I helped train Pam in Hawaii and can say she is dedicated and very good with kids. We also have trained teachers together in several countries and have pledged and got to eat at Pizza Hut in S. Korea, Colombia, S. America, and Hawaii. Did I forget any place? Maybe in Vancouver one of these days! Bless you Pam!

  24. Karen Chu Says:

    For any parents out there wondering if Little Promises would be a good place for your kids, I can attest that it most certainly is! Two of my kids have been with Pam from age 1 to when they entered Kindergarten so we’ve been with her for 8 years now. I wish I knew her when my oldest was that age……… I know it’s a daunting thing to entrust your wee babe in arms to someone else’s care. Pam loved my kids as if they were her own and I never once wondered if they’d be OK when I left ’cause I knew they were in fine hands. Look no further, Pamela’s Little Promises, is the right place for you and for your child.

  25. Joanna Pallister Says:

    My daughter is the little 3 year old on the right hand side – the very first day Little Promises was open! 10 years later and I have now had all three of my children go through PLP, and I am so grateful. Now I have three different friends who have their children there currently and Little Promises remains a safe, consistent, loving place for families to trust their children to. Mrs Pam is a passionate, attentive, caring woman who loves each child who comes through her door, believing they are sent to her from God. She loves to have families from all different nations of the world and can tell you how many countries have been represented, and so respectful of every family’s background, perspective and story. This is the woman to take your babies to! I am proud to know her.

  26. Céline Sutherland Says:

    I am wondering if you have availability for twin boys who are 2.5yrs old ?

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